Can You Imagine?

When the current library was built, the population of Eudora was 2,071. Today, there are more than 6,379 residents—and much of the growth is upwardly-mobile young families. Eudora has grown significantly since the current library was built and the demand for library services is higher than ever. Additionally, the existing building cannot be retrofitted to accommodate advancing technology needs and the current design of the library is not ADA compliant.

In addition, Eudora lacks a dedicated community space for its senior population. A new library would give seniors access to a dedicated meeting space, expanded age-specific program and resources, a large-print book collection and more.

Library programming has outgrown the current capacity of the building and staff constantly have had to look for activities they can host outside of the building. A new library would allow for additional programming, feature up-to-date technology and be accessible to users of all abilities.

The New Library Plan

A 14,000 sq. ft. building will be built on a 1.75-acre site in downtown Eudora. While details of the construction are still being negotiated, here’s a list of key components of the new library:

  • Age specific collections areas
  • Up to date library technology: WIFI, presentation media, copy and printing services
  • Spaces for quiet reading and study
  • A multi-use space for group/community meetings, exhibits performances and community art shows
  • Space for in-library group activities and classes
  • ADA compliant access for all, including modern public restrooms
  • A computer center and Internet stations
  • A coffee/beverage spot
  • A kitchen area to support meetings and activities
  • Office, work and storage spaces for staff and supplies
  • Convenient and ample parking adjacent to library
  • A pull-through book return
  • Outdoor activity/event area
  • Design considerations for future expansion

We need your support!

A new library will benefit the community for generations to come. Please consider making a pledge today. Pledges can be paid over five years and are 100% tax deductible.